Monday, October 15, 2012

TSKstudio Updated/Site Map

After having the same basic website for roughly 6 years, I finally decided(had the time) to redesign TSKstudio. It's been long overdue, no question, but I'm really pleased with the way this version turned out. From the logo design down to how images are displayed on a mac/pc, tablet, or smartphone, I think this version could last another 6 years...unless some other device comes out during that time and forces a necessary update. Not only is the layout new, but I've added several new pieces; some are actually new while others are just new to the website. Regardless, there's plenty of room for additional or old.

For the past few years, I've been painting portraits and focusing on web design on a regular basis. With this thought in mind, I broke down the pages for the site accordingly.

- The Brush page has commissioned paintings and illustrations of original artwork.

- The Pencil page are graphite/color pencil drawings from original reference.

- Graphic Design and Web Design are now grouped together on the Design page with several examples of each.

- The Fan Art page features renditions of characters and works for my own personal collection using a variety of mediums.

- I've added a Commissions page to give a basic price list of my work with a few examples.

- The Artist page is a short biography about my background in art.

- One of the biggest experiments of this new version of the site is using the Home page as a blog to stay as current as possible. My plan is to use this space to mention any site updates, new artwork, works in progress, or links to art I enjoy. Check back soon and thanks for visiting!!

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